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Gustavo Calvo Ferro Exhibition
November 15 1984
15 November, 1984 by
Gustavo Calvo Ferro Exhibition
Porton de San Pedro, Administrador

This exhibition, entitled "The horse in art", shows us once again the mastery of this painter and architect in the field. Related to the world of equestrianism, he achieves like few others the almost perfect mastery of the physiognomy of this beautiful animal.

Ms. Lucía Artola Zambrano, Arch. Gustavo Calvo Ferro, Mr. Jorge Lagemann, Ms. Cornelia Lagemann, Mr. Daniel Freire Aznárez, Mr. Lucas Rodríguez Bazurro and Mr. Juan Manuel Bohorques.

Cultural Coordinator at OAS Mr. Rafael Sardá, Ms. Noemí Steward, Mr. Julio César Loureiro, Ms. Lucía Rius de Loureiro and Ms. Latorre de Colomar.