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    Collective presents:
    If you want to make collective gifts you must follow these steps:
    1. Register on the site.
    2. Click on "Buy" and follow the instructions.
    3. Confirm your shipping information (the shipping address may vary according to your preferences).
    4. Choose the payment option.
    5. The shipping cost for all Uruguay is free (up to packages of up to 50 X 60 cms. or 3 Kg.).
    6. In all forms (shipping, registration, etc.) the postal code must be requested.

    REGISTER ON OUR SITE, thank you
    Corporate gifts:

    IIn this section the firms can choose not only the creations they like, but also rule the budget they have to give presents to their clients, employees or retirements.
    This way your firm will have (accordin to the number of paintings you wish to select) a very special discount.

    This is very practical, economic and agreeable system to whom receives it. Your firm select the paintings of artists they like best, the number of presents needed, send us the budget for this opportunity and the place where the presents will be delivered.
    Shortly we will analize your order and send you by e-mail photos and prices of the paintings, as well as remittance details and also its costs.

    Then your order will be sent throungh our official delivery service FEDEX to any place in the world (Maximim delay: five (5) work days).
    To our tranquility at the moment to dispatch it you will be notified of the air guide number and you should follow your remittance in real time, through:

    Please complete correctly next form, thank you.