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The Gallery

Portón de San Pedro Art Gallery was founded by Mrs. Lucía Rius de Loureiro and Mr. Julio César Loureiro, who started in the work of gallerist and Art Dealer when he was 26 years old, together with one of the national painting greatest master Zoma Baitler, founding the Río de la Plata Art Gallery in 1956.

Some years later, after the disease of the artist Zoma Baitler and his son Luis Baitler, he decides to found his own gallery. So thus, after looking for a place in accord with the project, during an intense year, he founded “El Portón de San Pedro” in Ciudadela Street 1427/35.

Emblematic place of Montevideo, was a cultural center in the district, where it worked Mr. Taco Larreta`s old “Restaurant de la Llave”. It was also theater, literary café, Art Gallery and innumerable celebrities meeting point.

Its name owes to a secondary gate in the old wall that surrounded Montevideo in the colonial era and upon which is supported the architectural structure of the building dated from 1846.

Since its opening to our days, the gallery keeps on being the family`s property. It is considered the most serious Art Gallery in the country and the one with the greatest trajectory. This is because every painting sold in the gallery, brings an authenticity certificate drew by the gallery`s direction, which is lasting for life and allows the client to have a writing guarantee that he is buying an original, unique and authentic creation.

Desde el año 2000 hasta la fecha, la dirección de la Galería está a cargo de la Sra. Sofía Loureiro Rius.  Quien incorpora a la empresa en dicho año, el comercio electrónico a través de la realización del primer sitio web con e-commerce del país.  Siendo pioneros en la venta on-line de obras de arte a nivel mundial. 

Nuestras obras de arte forman parte de grandes colecciones en Museos y Fundaciones a nivel nacional e internacional, así como también, en las pinacotecas particulares de los coleccionistas más selectos a nivel global.  Nuestras obras se exportan desde hace décadas, a cientos de países en los cinco continentes.  Siendo muy destacada nuestra tarea de difusión artística fuera de fronteras.

The gallery also possess a new exchange system by which our client can accede to change a painting bought long ago in the gallery for a new another, agreeing the difference in the way the client prefers.

La intachable reputación de nuestra empresa, la calidad y autenticidad de nuestras obras de arte, son nuestro mayor orgullo.  Siendo la única galería del país, que expide el respaldo de certificados de autenticidad de todas las obras que comercializamos.

The gallery has it`s own frames and restauration workshop that guarantees the security of being able to carry out any maintenance of the art creations with a complete reliability and indorsement.