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Edgardo Ribeiro Nario Exhibition
December 07 1984
7 December, 1984 by
Edgardo Ribeiro Nario Exhibition
Porton de San Pedro, Administrador

With solid craftmanship, the exhibitor dives into his favourite subjects. These are the Uruguayan landscapes of Colonia, Minas, Salto, Rocha or Montevideo, in which he exhibits his almost planistic palette, in those fields that merge with the skies; sunsets and twilights; in port marinas or in peculiar records of urban life in Montevideo. His 25 best works of this new series are exhibited.

Mr. Eduardo Irazábal, Ms. Mirna Avila de Irazábal, Mr. Edgardo Ribeiro Nario, Ms. Marianella Ogando de Ribeiro, Ms. Graciela Servetti de Restucia and Mr. Gustavo Restucia.

Ms. Teresa Boix de Loffredo, Mr. Arturo González Alambarri, Mr. Carlos Sloth, Mr. Julio César Loureiro, Ms. Lucía Rius de Loureiro, Mr. Edgardo Ribeiro Nario, Ms. Laura Rovira de González and Ms. Carola Armendaris de Pablo.