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6 National Painters Exhibition
September 06 1984
6 September, 1984 by
6 National Painters Exhibition
Porton de San Pedro, Administrador

This majestic exhibition, which features the renowned artists Raúl Cattelani, Sergio Curto, Isabel Easton, Luis Mello, López Cortéz and Florentino Delgado, brings together more than 70 works selected from the best of their latest work.

Mr. Julio Cesar Loureiro, Mr. Carlos Gonzalez and Mr. Raúl Cattelani.

Mr. Alberto Viola, Ms. Lita Corletto, Ms. Marta Bocage de Friling Platero, Mr. Guy Bialade and Ms. Rubí Rodriguez.

Exhibiting Artists:  Mr. Raúl Cattelani, Ms. Isabel Easton, Mr. Sergio Curto, Mr. Luis Mello, Mr. López Cortes and Mr. Florentino Delgado.