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Favelas in violet and blue

Aneff, Liny

National Painting Surrealism figurativo

Liny Aneff
Oil and acrylic on canvas
Year 1976
Signed above on left
(Size without frame)

90 x 90 cm

USD 1,450 USD 1,450 1450.0 USD

Amézaga, Eduardo

Impressionist National Painting figurativo

Eduardo Amézaga
Oil on hardboard
Signed below on left
(Size without frame)

11.5 x 10 cm

USD 550 USD 550 550.0 USD
Eiffel tower

Polleri, Amalia

National Painting figurativo

Amalia Polleri
Ink and watercolor on paper
Year 1947
Signed and dated below on right
(Size without frame)

20 x 23 cm

USD 380 USD 380 380.0 USD
A piece of sun

Berdía, Norberto

Old Masters National Painting figurativo

Norberto Berdía
Oil on canvas
Year 1960
Signed lower left
(Size without frame)

40 x 50 cm

USD 1,400 USD 1,400 1400.0 USD
Punta del Diablo

Gordano Pou, María Magdalena

National Painting figurativo

María Magdalena Gordano Pou
Oil on board
Signed lower right
(Size without frame)

33 x 41 cm

USD 450 USD 450 450.0 USD
Flowers IV

Medina, Enrique

Hiper-Realism National Painting figurativo

Enrique Medina
Acrylic on hardboard
Signed lower right
(Size without frame)

50 x 50 cm

USD 850 USD 850 850.0 USD