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Gustavo Calvo Ferro Exhibition
December 04 2001
4 December, 2001 by
Gustavo Calvo Ferro Exhibition
Porton de San Pedro, Administrador

This excellent exhibition brings together his best works from his last years of artistic production. Integrated with more than 26 works, it reveals his vast experience in matter and great mastery of color.

Mr. Enrique Hugges, Mr. Alfredo Köncke, Ms. Susana Colominas de Köncke, Ms. Lucía Rius de Loureiro, Mr. Gustavo Calvo Ferro, Ms. Sofía Loureiro Rius and Mr. Ernesto Larrosa.

Ms. Marianella Ogando de Ribeiro and Mr. Gustavo Calvo Ferro.

Mr. Gustavo Calvo Ferro with some family members.

Gustavo Calvo Ferro with his work "Polo players".

Gustavo Calvo Ferro with a group of friends.

Ms. Cecilia Paulós de Idoyaga, Mr. Gustavo Idoyaga, Mr. Dante Prato, Ms. Susana Morales de Prato, Ms. Sofía Loureiro Rius and Ms. Raquel Rius de Paulós.