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Enrique Castells Capurro

ARTIST : Enrique Castells Capurro
BIRTH DATE : 1913-03-09
PLACE OF BIRTH : Montevideo, Uruguay

Enrique Castells Capurro born in Montevideo (Uruguay) the 9th March of 1913.

The historian Ricardo Goldaracena says "...like Brueghel's or Vay Eyck's, painters like God grace, an old montevidean lineage gives to Uruguay for more than one hundred years, several generations of painters.  Castells's family was an old catalonian family settle down Uruguay, and his surname it's linked with the gaucho thematic".  Like that Enrique Castells y Montestruch, doctor and painter (1854-1905) inherit from his father Jaime Castells y Comas, the love of art,  was an excellent portrait artist had copy paints of Chuscas y Chuscas.

Start painting at 4 years old and in 1923 with 10 years old draw the famous dancer Ana Pavlova.

Was an autodidact but inspire in his uncle paintings (Carlos Castells 1881-1933), who received a gold medal at the Latin American Exhibition of Sevilla (Spain, 1930).  Enrique Castells Capurro brother, Julio Alberto Castells Capurro (1911-1959) was a painter too, does watercolors of gaucho matters.

Enrique Castells Capurro illustrated newspapers and magazines of Uruguay and Argentina.  In Uruguay especially at Mundo Uruguayo Magazine who told:  "...Enrique Castells stamps in a admirable form movements in his creations, haves only ten years old and become clear a personality artists".  In 1928 the same magazine told: "... we can appreciate his freshness of his drawings, the intense life who encourage, his extraordinary mobility and the emotional strenght who inspires the artist, who perceives and retain with an only fidelity in his retinas";  begin incursion in several matters like football and ballet but once and for all his horse passion turns he to one of the best painters in this style.

Illustrated several books like "Tacurúes" by Serafín J. García, in 1955 published "Gaucho, garments and habits" (11 editions), where is a beautifull biography about Castells Capurro in four languages.  Illustrated "La Tierra Purpúrea" by Hudson Santos Vega de Hilario Ascasubi:  "Los caballos de la Conquista" by Cunninghan, "Escenas Gauchescas del Río de la Plata" by Kraft Editiorial of Buenos Aires (Argentina, 1951), "Cancionero de Frutos" (Rivera-Uruguay, 1943), "Pampero" by R. Victoria (1968), etc.  Arround Uruguay exist several paintings, drawings, murals and bronze sculptures.  Are famous the murals of the Central State Railroad Station, Pluna Airlines and in uruguayan ranchs.  In Maldonado (Uruguay) a great mural near Punta del Este, years later was moved to de Maldonado Square (Maldonado city).  Castells Capurro realized several murals to the Austin University (Texas, USA), at United Nations (New York, USA), it's represented in all national, international museums and private collections.  The american filmmaker Harry Foster realized in 1954 a movie where the gauchos of Castells Capurro liven up in cartoons.  Illustrated calendars like the famous of Alpargatas company for years and at the State Insurance Bank book.  Are drawings of Castells Capurro in french porcelains like Limoges.  Are great murals in private ranchs of Uruguay, Argentina and Venezuela, at the San Miguel Fort Station and Santa Teresa Fortress in Rocha (Uruguay), several banks, at Playa Hotel of Punta del Este.  Also at the Republic Bank in his Gaucho Museum have paintings of Castells Capurro and of Carlos Castells.  His bronzes were maked in several case for annual trophysof the Montevideo Jockey Club.  

As time pass, says Serafín García, the native paint of Castells Capurro going acquire greater importance, preserving intact for future generations, the authentic features of that time and of a lifestyle who prompt will be a remember, the gaucho's life.


Enrique Castells Capurro died on 3th July of 1987 in Ormonde (name of a celebrated race horse) in Punta del Este (Uruguay), where lived and worked for forty five years.


His works are in important private collections of Lyndon B. Johnson (USA), M. Pérez Jiménez (Venezuela), Rafael Caldera (Venezuela), Miguel Alemán (Mexico), Joao Goulart (Brazil), Getúlio D. Vargas (Brazil), Clorinda Galant (Brazil), Yitzhak Navon (Israel), the russian dancer  Tamara Taumanova (Russia), Nicholas Prince or Basily, Estanislao Prince, Charles Prince of England, Mariangleo and Atilio Mattarazzo Earls, Dr. Raúl Soule Baldó (Venezuela), Mr. John Irwing Jr. (Richard Nixon´s secretary), Mr. Giorgio Nocentini (Firenze -  Italy), Mr. Marco Marrucci (Firenze - Italy), Mr. Pat O´Brien (film actor, fimls partner of the President Ronald Reagan), Dr. Edward Laroque Tinquer (USA), Eng. Charles Pankow (San Francisco, California USA), Mr. Rex Ferguson (Melbourne-Australia), Mr. Michael Ciplinski (USA Department State Secretary), Laetitia D'Aremberg Pricess (Uruguay), Mrs. María Paixao Cortes (Brazil), Mr. Euclides Araña (Brazil), Mr. Spellman Prentice (California, USA), Mr. Nelson Rockefeller (USA), Mr. Alfred J. Wescher (Ohio-USA), Mr. Constancio Vigil (Argentina), Mr. Douglas Fairbanks (American film actor), Mr. Juan A. Figueroa (World Veterinarian Association of New York, USA), Arch. Bernardo Carlos Hibber (Zumit Cumbres Group, USA), Mr. Arie L. Falkoff (Hapoalim Bank Director), Mr. Antonio García Rodríguez (Sevillian Sculptor, Illanas-Spain), Mr. Graham Aston (Wey Bridge- England), Sir Gordon Richard (Wey Bridge- England), Honorable Aylmer Tryon (Wey Bridge- England), Mr. and Mrs. Wineburgh (Niagara Falls, USA), Menéndez Bettop Montes Family (Argentina), Mrs. Alicia Butler (British Embassy, Ankara), Mr. Witols Malcuzinski (musician), Mrs. Susana M. Fowler (Managua, Nicaragua), Mr. Steve and Mrs. Marsha Maybury (Michigan, USA), Mrs., Evelin Bainbridge (Kansas City, USA), Mr. Ramón Anaya Pons (Plaza Encantada, Mexico), Mr. Pablo Rodríguez Acosta (Plaza Encantada, Mexico), Popelka family (Santiago de Chile, Chile).

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