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ARTIST : Zoma Baitler
BIRTH DATE : 1908-04-03
PLACE OF BIRTH : Sianciai, Lituania

Painter born in Lithuania on 3th April of 1908.  

Arrived to Uruguay on 10th August of 1927.  It was legal uruguayan citizen.  Realized his first drawing and painting studies at the lithuanian painter Paul Kaufman studio; at the Arts and Trades School of Lithuania and in Uruguay, at the Joaquin Torres García School.

Was one of the founders of the ETAP Studio, where the Master Joaquín Torres García gived his conferences and in 1931 exhibit his works in Montevideo (Uruguay) for first time at the Free Artist Salón.   

In 1935 started to lern paint, aesthetics and art philosophy with the Master Joaquín Torres García. In 1937 obtains the 4th Painting Prize at the National Fine Arts Contest and edit the art magazine “Perseo” with interventions of Joaquín Torres García, Montiel Balesteros, José Pedro Argul, Juan Ventayol, etc.  

In 1938 obtains the 3th Prize at the National Fine Arts Contest.  

In 1939 exhibit at the Municipal Arts Council where obtains the Senator Chamber Prize at the National Fine Arts Contest.

In 1940 obtains the República Bank Prize, at the National Fine Arts Contest and Acquisition Prize at the Municipal Arts Contest.

In 1941 obtains the Acquisition Prize at the Municipal Arts Contest and years later cross from to the Juan Manuel Blanes Museum (Montevideo, Uruguay).  As well obtain the National Administration Ports Prize, at the National Fine Arts Contest.   

In 1942 obtain the Caja Nacional de Ahorro Postal Prize and exhibit his works at the Municipal Hall.  

In 1943 obtain the República Bank Prize.  Exhibit his works at the Municipal Hall and continue with his exhibitions arround Uruguay.

In 1944 the Juan Manuel Blanes Museum authorities acquired one of his paints for his heritage.  Obtain the Casa Carrau Prize at the National Fine Arts Contest and make an individual exhibition at the Caviglia Hall.  Participated at the Barcelona Biennial (Barcelona, Spain).   

In 1945 obtain the Jockey Club Prize, at the National Fine Arts Contest, realized an individual exhibition at Caviglia and Municipal Halls.  

In 1946 realized an individual exhibition in “Amigos del Arte” and obtains the Uruguayan Tabacco Trade Prize.  Exhibit his works at the Municipal Hall.  

In 1947 obtain the City Council Prize at the National Fine Arts Contest.  Exhibit his works in Salto city (Uruguay), there paint, give conferences and be in contact with eminent intellectuals and artist like:  Sziffery, Peralta, Amorín, Edmundo Prati (Sculptor), Milans Martínez, Dr. Osvaldo Santini, Dr. josé María Delgado, Dr. Rompani, etc.

In 1948 obtain the 2nd Prize, Silver Medal, at the National Fine Arts Contest; exhibit his works at Berro Gallery (manager by José Pedro Argun).  In Uruguay Club (Salto, Uruguay),  Paysandú Club (Paysandú, Uruguay), in Nordiska Gallery (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and realized mural decorations at the Vacation UTE Park of Minas (Lavalleja, Uruguay).

In 1949 obtain the 2nd Prize, Silver Medal, at the National Contest.   The Municipal Fine Arts Museum acquired one of his works, at the Municipal Contest.

In Official Mission of the Uruguayan Government, traveled to Europe and was admited at the Autumn Contest of Paris (France) where his paints was stand out for the Paris Opera.  Visited Italy, France and maked contact with the impressionist paint at the Jeau de Pomme and L'Orangerié.

In 1950 returned to Uruguay and obtain again the Silver Medal and start with his intense exhibitions in Müller of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Windsor Gallery of Montevideo (Uruguay), Berro Gallery (Uruguay) with carrying paints of his recent travel.

In 1951 obtain 1st Prize, Gold Medal, at the National Fine Arts Contest.  Was selected for the Spanish America Biennial of Barcelona (Spain).  His works was exhibited in Montevideo and Buenos Aires Galleries.   

In 1952 obtain the Great Prize, Gold Medal, Uruguayan Government Official Mission.  Was invited by the British Counsul of England and visited Israel, France, Italy, Spain and Holland.  There meet Henry Moore (Sculptor), Epstein and Marcel Janco the Dadaism founder.

In 1954 return to Europe and exhibit his works at Windsor Gallery (Uruguay). Represented to Uruguay at the Quito Biennial (Ecuador).   From 1954 to 1958 realized individual exhibitions arround Uruguay and at Montevido Galleries.  Eduardo Vernazza (Art Critical) make an important note at the “El Día” newspaper.  

In 1958 represented Uruguay at the Venice Biennial (Italy).  Was mention member of the National Fine Arts Comission (Uruguay).  Went panel judge at Departamental Cotests, teach painting in his Pocitos Studio and work the Rivera thematic with strong in ochers, earths and reds.  

Realized some murals with mosaic technique.  Mercantil Bank (Rivera, Uruguay), Panamericano Bank (Montevideo, Uruguay) and private collectionists acquired this works.  

In 1959 start his exhibitions at Río de la Plata Gallery and exhibit his white and gray structured oils at the National Fine Arts Contest, outside contest and at the Municipal Underground.

Member of the National Fine Arts Comission (1959), Cultural Attaché of Uruguayan Embassy in Israel (1963 to 1966), position granted again in 1970.   

In 1960 realized murals for particular residences in Punta del Este (Uruguay) and Montevideo (Uruguay).  The Montevideo Government Council give one of his oils to the Montevideo Museum (Minessotta, USA).

In 1961 obtain the Argentina Republic Embassy Prize.  In 1962 obtain the Senator Chamber Prize at the National Fine Arts Contest.   In 1963 won the 6th Paint Biennial.  The Government mention him “Cultural Attaché of Uruguay” in Israel. Before to take up his new position he realized an individual exhibition at the Latin American Culture Institut (New York, USA) and then in Paula Insel Gallery (New York, USA).   He was catched by verticals and dynamic of one vertigo city and painting this message recived by the architecture and bridges.

Traveled to Israel where realized an important uruguayan art difussion, give conferences about Pedro Figari, Rafael Barradas and his master Joaquín Torres García “Visión desde los orígenes al momento actual del Uruguay”.  

Exhibit his works at the National Fine Arts Museum of Jerusalem (Israel), where acquired one of his paints to the Museum heritage.

Numerous private galleries of Uruguay, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany and Israel exhibit his works.  Exhibit at the Quirinale of Roma (Italy) and at de Caluga Museum of New York (USA).  

In 1967 return to Uruguay and start his expressionist period.  Exhibit his works and take art lessons in TV.  His works was exhibited in New Yersey (USA), Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Israel, etc.  

In 1970 was again mention “Uruguayan Cultural Attaché” in Israel.  Exhibit his works and give conferences.

In 1974 exhibit his works at the S.A. Museum of Tel Aviv (Israel), Wildenstein Gallery of Johannesburg (South Africa) and Atlantica Gallery of Cape Town (South Africa).  Work in his expressionist drawings and sketchs, later he traslate it to big canvas.

In 1975 was selected for the National Fine Arts Comission to represented Uruguay at the San Pablo Biennial (Brazil).  Exhibit his works at Wildenstein Gallery of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Río de la Plata Gallery of Montevideo (Uruguay).

In 1976 make an important exhibition at the Wildenstein Gallery of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Austral Gallery of La Plata (Argentina).  Give lectures.   Send two paintings to the National Fine and Visual Arts Contest.  Exhibit his works at the Municipal Fine Arts Contest.

In 1977 send works to the National Fine and Visual Arts and make an important exhibition in Punta del Este (Uruguay).  Paint canvas inspired in the “Interiors” and “East Landscape” of Uruguay.

In 1978 paints a lot allways with his expressionist tendency.  The Montevideo Municipality organized an exhibition commemorated the “Fifty Birthday of Uruguayan Painting” with one hundred works at the Exhibitions Hall. Drawer, Art Curator of the State Water Industry and Artistic Commentator at TV.

Obtain an Official Mission to study in France and Italy (1949) and realized new travels to different country in 1953 and 1963.

Since 1930 was realized numerous individual exhibitions in Montevideo: 

Amigos del Arte, Berro Hall, Maveroff Hall, Caviglia Hall, Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes, Ateneo de Montevideo, etc.

International exhibitions:  

Latin American Institut Contest (New York, USA), Binet Gallery (Jerusalem, Israel), Paula Insel Galler (Tel Aviv, Israel), etc.

Collective exhibitions:  

Barcelona Spanish American Biennial (Spain, 1948), Autumn Contest of Paris (France, 1949), Quito Biennial (Ecuador, 1958), Venice Biennial (Italy, 1960), Plastic Artists of Israel (Israel).

Obtain more twenty consecutive prizes at National and Departamental Constest in Uruguay, emphasize lot of Fist Prizes.

His works are at the Municipal and National Fine Arts Museum (Uruguay), Municipal Historical Museum (Uruguay), ORT University (Uruguay), in all Nationals Museums arround Uruguay and at Official Institutions.

In private collections of Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Canada, USA, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, Israel, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Holland, Denmark, Norway and Japan.

At international institutions of National Museum (Jerusalem, Israel), New York Art Museums (New York, USA), Montevideo Museum of Minnesota (USA), Lithuania´s President Mr. Valas Adamkus and Mrs. Alma Adamkiene (Lithuania First Lady) who receive an important painting by Uruguayan President Mr. Tabaré Vázquez cause his Official visit to Montevideo (Uruguay, 2008).       

Died in Montevideo (Uruguay) the 26th june of 1994.


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